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The Data

To download: Fill out the registration form and you will be provided with a download link automatically. The license terms of the data are specified in the form.

To learn more about the data, see the linked pages below. Also be sure to check out:
2019 Scrolls
7.91µm 3D X-ray scans of two intact scrolls (top halves only), scanned in horizontal slices from bottom to top. Each half scroll scan is 14,000 .tif files, 120MB each. Each slice is 7.91µm tall, so this scroll half is 11.2cm tall. Both were scanned at 54keV, though we also released a smaller “slab” of Scroll 2 at 88keV. These are the scans used to win the 2023 Grand Prize.
Scroll 1 (PHerc. Paris. 4)
Scroll 2 (PHerc. Paris. 3)

Single slice from Scroll 1
2023 Scrolls
?TB (still processing)
New scans from 2023 (announcement). 3.24µm and 7.91µm 3D X-ray scans of two partially unrolled scrolls, scanned in horizontal slices from bottom to top. Each scroll scan is ~25,000 .tif files, 170MB each. Each slice is 4µm tall, so each scroll is ~8cm long. Both were scanned at 53/70/88/105keV, for a total of 2*4=8 volumes each. Being released on an ongoing basis, as the data is being processed. Can also be used to win prizes.
Scroll 3 (PHerc. 332)
Scroll 4 (PHerc. 1667)
Segmentation is the mapping of sheets of papyrus in a 3D X-ray volume. The resulting surface volumes can be used directly to look for ink.
Some segments from Scroll 1
Progress of mapping the scrolls, in area (cm²), from the Segment Directory spreadsheet
3D X-ray scans, infrared images, and hand-labeled ground truth ink masks for detached scroll fragments. Each fragment scan is 7,000-14,000 .tif files. The 2019 scans (fragments 1-4) are 3.24µm and 54/88keV. 2023 scans (fragments 5-6) are 3.24/7.91µm and 53/70/88/105keV. These data can be used for training ink detection models, or for investigating the differences between scans at different resolutions and energies.
Fragment 1 (PHerc. Paris. 2 Fr 47)
Fragment 2 (PHerc. Paris. 2 Fr 143)
Fragment 3 (PHerc. Paris. 1 Fr 34)
Fragment 4 (PHerc. Paris. 1 Fr 39)
Fragment 5 (PHerc. 1667 Cr 1 Fr 3)
Fragment 6 (PHerc. 51 Cr 4 Fr 48)
X-ray scans and images of the Campfire Scroll (used in tutorials).

Campfire scroll