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Tutorial 5: Advanced Topics

Tools keep evolving as the community builds more stuff. We have since published some video tutorials:

  1. Ben’s Segmentation Tutorial. Ben (@Hari_Seldon on Discord) goes into great detail on how to do segmenting.
  2. JP’s Segmentation Party. JP does a bunch of segmentation.

There are several work-in-progress tutorials and docs for various programs that we recommend checking out:

  1. Volume Cartographer’s Apps and Utilities page. Also be sure to check out the various other docs in this directory.
  2. Data Processing Workflow doc which is in the ink-id repo, but is mostly about Volume Cartographer and segmentation. Also goes into how to do alignment (”registration”) of infrared photos of the fragments, and how to create binary ink labels.
  3. Quick Segment has a built in tutorial which you can find when going to “Help” (in the menu bar) => “Tutorial”. Do note that Quick Segment only works on thumbnail volumes (e.g. /volumes_small/ renamed to /volumes/) and then scaled up using vc_transform_mesh. Ask around in Discord to learn more.